==Recruiting part-time staff information==

★Job content
・Hall& Counter staff
 Review the order, Offer food,drinks.
 Inexperience is OK.

・Part-time-job(19:30 ~ 5:30)
 Basic hourly pay 1,000 yen

(22:00~ 1300yen)

Minimum working days per week : Negotiable
Minimum working hours per day : Negotiable

★Experience and qualifications
 Of course, even if you haven’t experienced it before! “I like drink.” “I like to be in touch with customers.” That kind of feeling is the most important thing.

◆Lending of uniforms(T-shirt)
 A casual uniform that fits in this bar!

◆Partial payment of transportation expenses
 (Up to 1,000 yen per day)

 If you will Apply for a job
 please ask staff or Send me a DM from Instagram.


・All telephone calls and interviews are conducted in Japanese.
・We preferentially hire people who can have a minimum daily        
 conversation in Japanese.
・Please note that Japanese conversation may be tested during the interview.
・I will check with VISA before the interview.

 Please note that there is a possibility that we may decline it.


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